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Student Accommodation Residences And Services In Manchester, Liverpool And Leeds

Why Stay in a Student Shared Residence? 

If you are studying in the UK for the long-term or short-term, we can provide accommodation for any duration of stay.

There are a number of reasons to stay in a student residence, foremost is that you will experience student life. In a student residence you will stay with a number of students who will be from the UK and abroad. English will be the language of choice, so if you want to practise your language skills, you will improve leaps and bounds. Also, the community feel of the student residence will make it the perfect environment for long-lasting friendships to grow.

For those looking for an authentic experience of the UK, a student residence will give you enough independence to do this. Whether you want to explore the city, discover local areas of interest or simply make friends, a student residence will provide the perfect base.

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Student Accommodation Services in Manchester and Liverpool

 Student Shared Residence Benefits: 

Inclusive Bills

Everything is included in the rent, so you won’t have to worry about paying the electricity or gas


All of the student residences which we use are located very close to the city centre and your chosen school



En-suite or shared bathroom facilities available, let us know your preferences


Every student residence comes with
wi-fi, laundry facilities and cooking facilities



Providing Support For International Students Studying In The UK

Expert Student Services will always go the extra mile for students who are looking for accommodation in Manchester,
Liverpool or Leeds. As well as accommodation services, we also provide support services such as 
airport transfers and enrolment opportunities for universities and foreign language schools.




Consider Private Accommodation

Student Accommodation Services in Manchester and Liverpool


Why Stay in a Private Residence? 

Staying in a private residence often seems to be more expensive than staying in a student residence, but there are many advantages that will make your study experience enjoyable.

Indeed, in a private home is where you will have the most independence. Perhaps you are a mature student and value privacy. Or maybe you have already experienced student life and want the freedom of living independently possibly with plans to remain after education - If so, a private residence may be the answer. 

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Private Accommodation Options: 

Transport Links

Tell us how near or far you would like to be placed, and we’ll make sure to include this in our search for property.

Bills & Utilities

Most private residences will leave the responsibility of paying the bills to the tenant. There are some residences which have bills included but this will require a bit of searching. You can leave that to us.

Student Accommodation Services in Manchester and Liverpool

Personal Amenities

If there are any particular amenities you need in your residence, let us know and we will make sure that the residence includes this.



Why Stay with a Student Host Family?

Staying with a student host family is a popular choice for international students visiting the UK and has a number of great benefits. Living with another family will allow you to experience all the home comforts and family atmosphere that a UK household has to offer. If you feel particularly nervous about living away abroad, a host family will provide you with all the support you need to settle into the UK.

Another advantage to living with a host family is that you will be able to practise your English. You will be able to converse with your host family every day and on the weekends, and this will improve your English exponentially.

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All Accommodation Provides:

 A private or shared bedroom 
single, double or twin

Storage space for your clothes and possessions


An area to study
desk, table and chair, etc.

Laundry access with towels
and linen


 Access to bathroom facilities


 Access to cooking facilities



 Heating and lighting


 A safe and secure place to stay


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 Are You Interested in Renting to Students? 

If you are a landlord or letting agency and you would like to supply student accommodation, we would love to hear from you. There is always a strong demand for accommodation from students and we are always looking for new students residences in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. 

We’ll take care of finding the student tenants, so there is much less work for you to do – all you need to do is continue to maintain the property. Find out more by getting in touch.

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